Recent Gulfstream Projects

At Smith Machine and Tool, custom bearing tooling projects are our bread and butter. The challenge in overcoming any installation situation and collaborating with our customers in getting the team the tooling to easily and successfully complete the job drives our passion in our business. Today, we’re sharing a couple recently completed custom projects for Gulfstream specific bearings.

Both of these projects were custom tooling and were completed from design to shipped within 10 business days. We also have the capabilities to supply custom projects such as these for AOG situations – delivering within a couple of business days.

Custom Portable Roller Swaging Tool -1159CSM20076-7-GULFSTREAM

In this project, the goal was to install, cut, and proof-load 1159CSM20076-7 bearings on the top of the aircraft.

These bearings are not only large, but are unique to Gulfstream. We provided a sleek solution and the customer was happy with how the tools worked.

Bearing Details of this Project:

  •  1159CSM20076-7
  • Crossover:
  • Se05455101-901
  • Se05455101-903
  • Se05455101-905
  • Se05455101-907
  • 1159csm20022
  • 1159cs20052
  • 013kwdb20-48

Custom Ball Staking Tool - CSM20076-7-GULFSTREAM

BEARING MS27645-3AG (GT995040, BAPS175-000)

In comparison, this project was less complex. We made a ball staking tool for a Gulfstream specific bearing, MS27645-3AG. This is a hydraulic press ball staking tool, but it can also be used in a portable configuration for on the wing staking and install.

Bearing and Specification Details of this Project:

  • MS27645-3AG
  • Also named: GT995040 and BAPS175-000
  • Per Gulfstream Spec PS211900E:
  • SP1613u
  • CCF-000507


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