About Us

Who We Are

Smith Machine and Tool was founded by Sean and Catherine Smith in Huntington Beach, California. Sean spent his entire career working in aerospace bearing assembly and has designed bearing staking tools for almost a decade and now employs only the highest skilled tooling engineers, machinists, and quality managers. Our team of professionals takes pride in creating designs that eliminate common issues with assemblers and delivering tools that perform as intended.

We manufacture the highest quality bearing staking, swaging, installation, removal, and bearing cutting tools in the industry!

Smith Machine and Tool' Engineer working on Bearing Tooling

Our Mission

At Smith Machine and Tool, we pride ourselves in delivering high quality tooling to meet the
demands of any bearing staking job while outperforming industry lead times.


Bearing Swaging Tools for Boeings and Aerospace industry

Who We Serve

Smith Machine and Tool has a strong reputation and proven track record for providing the highest-quality tools for the aerospace and high-end automotive industries. Some of our past clients include are but not limited to NASA, Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Relativity Space, Parker Hannifin, SpaceX, Blue Origin, and the USAF. 

We strive to create long-term partnerships meant to increase productivity and reduce total costs for our customers. Our team delivers full-service bearing tooling at a competitive price that impacts the bottom line. Additional advantages of partnering with us include but are not limited to:

  • Innovative and cost-effective solutions designed to increase productivity and save time and money
  • Streamlined processes intended to provide short lead times
  • Unmatched expertise and experience
  • Superior customer service
  • Safe and green business practices created to support workplace and environmental safety


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