How Our Expertise Has Led to Quality Tools

How Our Expertise Drives Quality Tools

With over 20 years of experience, Smith Machine and Tool has been a leader in bearing roller swaging tools, staking tools, cutting and proof-load tools. We’ve led the way in part to our choice of superior metals, the specialized treatments of those materials and our innovative tool design. We have extensive end-user knowledge and over the years we have grown to improve designs, manufacturing, and assembly processes, while our customer’s reap the benefits. When you choose Smith Machine and Tool, you’re choosing American-made products and supporting a small business.

First, our roller swaging tools are made from O1 tool steel or M42 steel.O1 tool steel is an oil-hardening, non-shrinking tool steel and has a good cutting edge retention, high hardenability and dimensional stability during heat treatment. M42 tool steel is unique as an alloy in its superior hardenability as compared to more conventional high-speed steels and as such is widely used in metal manufacturing industries that require the hardest materials. From there we also have our roller swaging tools heat treated to increase hardness and durability. After, we have our tools coated in Crosal-Plus or black oxide. The purpose of adding a Crosal-Plus coating increases the hardness of the steel and increases wear resistance since there are some jobs that require cutting through inconel. Whereas, the black oxide application can add mild corrosion resistance. We go above and beyond to increase the longevity and efficacy of our tools.

Over the years our lead tool design engineer, Sean Smith, has designed innovative tools for bearing roller swaging, staking, cutting and install, removal and proof-loading. While the bread and butter of our business is drill press tools for standard MS bearings, we thrive in the custom tooling market as well. Whether a customer brings us a custom bearing size, a limited clearance, or unique position of bearing, we are able to 3D model our tools and get precise measurements down to 1/1000ths of an inch. The attention to detail and experience in tool design makes us the best choice for drill press and portable tools for AOG repairs, and even sub-assembly situations. We leverage technology and manual caliper measurements by hand in order to assure our quality standards.

Each roller swaging tool we assemble is hand inspected for flaws and discrepancies. Each part of the assembly process is tested to ensure proper performance and are within acceptable tolerances. For example, we test the concentricity of our cutters, and if they pass within the allowable limits, the customer receives a cutter that cuts concentrically and evenly through a bearing. We also send out our cutters for grinding to ensure smooth, sharp teeth for a clean, thorough cut, whether you’re using a drill press or portable cutting tool. Our machine shop also hand deburs parts further ensuring our tools are up to snuff. When you have a team dedicated to making the best tools possible, the quality of product speaks for itself.

Our passion is manufacturing drill press and portable roller swaging, staking, cutting, install, removal and proof-load tools that last. The longevity of our tools sets us apart from other manufacturers. The customer service is only second to our technical and engineering savvy. Tool and AOG support is available 24/7 as well as instructional videos are available on our YouTube channel. For more information about our quality tools visit our website at www.smithmachineandtool.com. To enquire about custom tools, contact Sean Smith at sean@smithmachineandtool.com or call 714-726-1249.

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Tools with different specialized coatings applied.

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