How To Keep Your SMT Tools Clean and Make Them Last Longer

Ensuring Longevity: SMT Tool Cleaning Methods

Our tools are meant to last, so long as they are properly cared for. As the manufacturer, we have over 20 years of end-user experience so we know how to best upkeep the tools we make. Each tool requires slightly different cleaning methods. Following these proper general maintenance steps is important because it both extends the life of the tool and ensures quality for the next use.

Drill Press/Portable Roller Swaging Tool

Between each lot of parts the tool, as well as first and second side bases, should be cleaned of foreign object debris (F.O.D.). First, disassemble the tool by removing the set screw, the guide pin, retainer, rollers, and pilot form the roller swaging body. Inspect each part to ensure there are no nicks or dings that may cause damage to future parts. The roller swaging body, wheels and outside diameter should be periodically polished on a lathe with maroon scotch brite. Then apply grease, such as Aeroshell 33, to the angled face inside the roller swaging tool before reassembly. To reassemble, insert the wheels into the retainer and reassemble the guide pin, pilot, and retainer wheel into the roller swaging tool body. Secure the set screw in a snug tight fit and ensure there is free rotational movement by hand of the wheel retainer pilot assembly. This is similar to how you would clean our portable roller swaging tool as well. Disassembly and reassembly will vary.

Arbor Press/Portable Install, Removal and Proof-Load Tool

You can follow these same guidelines in properly maintaining the arbor press or portable installation, proof load, and removal tools. After each lot use tools should be cleared surfaces of F.O.D. and debris. After, lightly coat all threaded surfaces and through bores with anti-seize thread grease. Then, oil all parts before bagging them for storage.

Drill Press/Portable Cutting Tool

When you are finished with your cutting job, it is imperative to disassemble and clean your tool(s). We recommend using WD-40 lubricant to prevent rust and corrosion to the cutting tool and flat side base. Following these proper general maintenance steps is important because it both extends life of the tool and ensures quality for the next use. Cutting tooth damage can possibly be repaired. Please contact SMT for any long-term wear and tear on the tool for regrind services.

Just like the drill press cutting tool, when you’re finished using the portable bearing cutting tool for your job, you should take the tool apart and clean it. The SMT portable cutting tool consists of a guide-rod, v-groove anvil support base, rotating flange nut and cutting tool as well as thrust bearings, washers, and spring. When you’re finished with the job, ensure all F.O.D. has been cleared from each of those tool components. Then simply apply a thick viscosity high pressure grease to the bearing journals of the guide rod as well as all traded surfaces before and after use.

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Disassembly and Cleaning of Drill Press Roller Swaging Tool

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