Engine Mount Bearings

Any aircraft contains a wide variety of bearings—in engines, in landing gears, in rotors, all crucial places and tight spaces. The engine mount is a foundation that connects the engine with the main body or frame of the aircraft. It serves various purposes, like connecting the engine with the fuselage, suppressing the vibrations of the engine, and distributing them safely to the whole aircraft structure for a smooth flight.

Generally, there are two types of roller bearings used in the aircraft engine: the straight roller and the tapered roller bearings. Straight roller bearings are used where the bearing is subjected to radial loads only. Engine mount bearings allow for a certain degree of gimbal, and when that articulation is compromised replacement is the only solution. It’s crucial that bearings are high corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, strength at high temperatures, and creep resistance. Bearings come in all shapes and sizes but are all incredibly durable therefore their repair tools need to be just as, if not more, resilient than the bearings.

Engine mount bearing repair jobs are unique due to the immediate need they create and the different specifications of the bearings. Smith Machine and Tool manufactures both individual tools and toolkits for these bearings necessary for AOG and MRO. For these tools, we take careful consideration of design, material, and process in manufacturing to meet the complex challenges of these repairs -- all within industry best lead times. Our engine mount bearing tools are manufactured from M42 tool steel with a Crosal-Plus high-heat coating (more than 3200 HV Vickers) to increases our tools’ efficacy and longevity. Our tools can ease the repair of a seized engine mount bearing with little to no troubleshooting and increased reliability. Whether you’re looking for standard sizing or need customization, our facility is fully capable of adapting to customer needs.

A Glimpse of Engine Mount Bearing We’ve Created Tooling for:

P21610 P2A2370 AMB16V4020 S302T001-825
P2A2380 P2A2400 AMB19V4003 S302T001-209
P2A1700 P2A5500 AMB20V4019 S302T001-822
P2A2390 S302T001-821 AMB20V4014 S302T001-703
P2A1690 S302T001-701 AMB17V4001 S302T001-824
P2A5380 VTB04560 AMB16V4031 S302T001-702
P2A5490 VTB12310 VTB12280 VTB12100
VTB12290 VTB12110 VTB12300  
S302T001-702NH AMB16V4020 / S302T001-702 S302T001-822NH AMB16V4031 / S302T001-822
S302T001-825NH AMB17V4001 / S302T001-825 S302T001-703 AMB19V4003 / S302T001-703
S302T001-701NH AMB20V4014 / S302T001-701 S302T001-821NH AMB20V4019 / S302T001-821
S312N305A(XX)MNH AMBM7X / S312N305-A07M S312N305A(XX)MNH AMBM8X / S312N305-A08M

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