Recent Custom Portable Tooling

At Smith Machine and Tool, we pride ourselves in creating high quality tooling for every job, no matter the size or complexity. We recently had a customer request a kit of custom portable cutting tools to be able to swiftly remove large inconel bearings and we're happy to feature our solution in this month's newsletter.

While we've designed tooling for larger size bearings, these large portable cutting tools have an impressive diameter of 3.5" and are made from our usual high grade steel. To be strong enough to easily cut the inconel bearings, we applied a special high-tech coating that both increases the hardness of the steel to more than 80 rockwell but also vastly increases the tool life. We also designed these custom portable cutters to have a feature where it can be used with a socket wrench which makes it not only faster to get the job done, but also makes it easier for the end user to operate.

From design to completion, we created this solution within our standard lead time of 10-12 business days, but thrive in working under expedited timelines. It was a pleasure being able to work with this team and if you have a complex job big or small, reach out today and see what effective solutions we can provide!

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