Learjet Custom Bearing Staking Kit

Every jet, helicopter, and airplane requires general maintenance and repairs, even Learjet’s “The Model 45”, a mid-size business jet aircraft. A vital part of this aircraft are the vertical and horizontal stabilizers. The rudders on the vertical and the elevators on the horizontal, require removal and disassembly which makes for prolonged repairs. The spherical bearings (12345-032-001) involved with these parts are frequently replaced through bearing staking with a hydraulic press; however, with repairs, the convenience of using portable tooling would allow for both the logistic convenience of on-the-wing repair as well as saving precious manpower hours and perform MRO more effectively.

This is where Smith Machine and Tool’s custom portable bearing staking toolkit (STAKING-KIT 12345-032) provides easy accessibility for this type of maintenance, repair and overhaul. Much like our SMT Pro Kits, this kit is customizable allowing our customers to create the toolkit that best suits their needs. What makes this kit unique is its portability. To perform line-segment staking would require a hydraulic press, whereas our tool kit, through precision machining, is custom made to fit into the application and can be used by hand. This specific kit features zinc coated, Grade 8 high strength nuts and bolts. Each component of the toolkit has its part numbers  laser engraved and is assigned its own tight-fitting compartment to ensure each part can easily be accounted for after a repair is complete. Additionally, all of our tools are certified heat treated for enhanced hardness and resiliency and black oxide coated for rust prevention and increased tool life longevity. Lastly, this toolkit is packaged in a foam-lined Pelican case for added protection,
security during transport, and to keep the tools organized for technicians.

The following is a list of part numbers inclusive of this bearing staking kit.

As the global leader in custom bearing staking tools, Smith Machine and Tool takes every effort to ensure our tools are top of the line which plays a pivotal role when an AOG has a “hot” repair. For custom tools, CAD models are available upon request. Smith Machine and Tool always provides top-tier customer service and 24/7 technical and AOG support. We make it our priority to ensure every engineer, aircraft technician, or buyer that contacts us gets everything they need to successfully complete their projects. We always keep our website tooling in stock and we have industry best lead times in creating custom tooling. To review our latest projects and read more tips and information on our tooling visit our website. For technical questions, AOG support, and quotes contact our Chief Tool Design Engineer, Sean, at +1-714-726-1249. For all other enquiries contact our office at +1-714-389-8423.

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