Bell 206 Swash Plate Tooling

The Bell 206 is a popular helicopter model that, like all helicopters, contains a swash plate that requires maintenance as it’s worn down. When performing bearing maintenance repair on swashplates, the mechanic or technician has to work around both the rotating and non-rotating swashplates and without the proper tooling, it can require dismantling the entire main rotor, making for a much longer repair.

Smith Machine and Tool designs and manufactures bearing staking tooling for airplanes, helicopters, rockets, and private jets to make these traditionally timely repairs easier and more efficient. We recently provided tooling for a Bell 206 swash plate for bearings 206-010-470-101 and 206-033-509-003 to swage new bearings into an existing swash plate. Our portable tool design allows for the repair to be performed without having to disassemble the helicopter rotor assembly – greatly reducing repair time – and is designed to be operated with a socket wrench to complete the operation faster than compared with competitors who provide a spanner wrench – making the repair easier to perform. We also design and manufacture portable cutting, install, removal and proof-load tooling for swashplate repair.

A glimpse into the Bell 206 helicopter bearings we created these types of tooling for include, but are not limited to:

206-031-590-003 206-010-450-011 206-010-469-001
206-101-469-101 206-010-450-113 206-010-453-009
206-010-470-101 206-010-450-125 206-010-469-010
206-033-509-003 206-010-450-129 206-010-453-113
206-010-450-001 206-010-420-001 206-010-451-001
206-010-450-005 206-010-443-001 206-77-8
206-010-450-009 206-010-420-003 MS14103-6C
206-010-450-007 206-010-451-109

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